Obstetric & Newborn Primary Care Guidelines (Digital Subscription)

$7.99 every Year

This extensive, concise, rapid reference guideline is created for clinicians practicing obstetrics and caring for the newborn. This is a compilation of the Obstetric Urgency/Emergency Guidelines, the Obstetric Prenatal Care Guidelines, and the Newborn Primary Care Guidelines, available for a lower cost, with some additional information, and as an indexed pocket booklet when purchased in this compilation form.

This is an excellent portable resource for obstetricians, family physicians, and nurse midwives who provide obstetric care and newborn care, written by the author of the pocket card series that includes his most popular Obstetric Urgency/Emergency Guidelines in its 2016, 25th annual edition.

This is the 2016, 25th edition of Obstetric & Newborn Primary Care Guidelines.

This subscription provides one year of digital access to the guide, which is frequently updated.

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