Brancel medical reference guidelines have been available in print for 31 years (with new editions produced in June of each year – 2022 being the current editions), but now due to the increasing use of digital forms of the guidelines, the guidelines are no longer available in print form except by special orders of 100 or more of any given guideline.  All of the guidelines are now available digitally on all digital devices (smartphones and computers) through this website, the App Store accessible on Apple devices , the Google Play Store as Android apps, and  Amazon Kindle  as Kindle appsGuidelines on this website are updated on an ongoing basis, including now in the year 2022, whereas the Apple, Android, and Kindle versions are updated 2-3 times per year.

Again, all 7 guidelines for medical professionals also are available in print, with minimum orders of 100 copies of any one guideline.  However, digital access to these guidelines (see above) is the predominant access mode for users at this time!

For more information and print version orders, please contact the author, Mark Brancel, MD.

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