Urgent Care for All

urgent-carexxUrgent care medical guidelines written by a Family Physician for the non-medical.

Information on how to care for many common medical conditions and when to seek medical care for urgent and emergent medical conditions.

Though succinct, these guidelines include detail about specific medication recommendations for many conditions. Helping you know if, when, and where you need health care.

This is the 2019, 7th annual edition, written by the author of the pocket card series that includes his most popular Obstetric Urgency/Emergency Guidelines, which is in its 2019, 28th annual edition.

These guidelines are available:

  • for all digital devices through digital subscription to this website for $4.99 for one year; this version includes ongoing updates as they occur for the entire year from purchase.
  • for all digital devices through the Amazon Kindle Store, by first downloading the Kindle app to your device; for $4.99 you get the latest update, with updates created for Kindle 3 times per year.

As of 2016, the versions sold below are the only updated versions of these guidelines.

Topics covered in Urgent Care for All include: ACLS / PALS, analgesic medications in urgent care, antibiotics in urgent care, urgent cardiovascular care, urgent care dermatology, urgent care for fatigue, urgent care for infectious diseases, urgent care for temperature abnormalities, urgent care for.musculoskeletal injury, urgent care HEENT, urgent care rescusitation guidelines, urgent ear care, urgent endocrinology & electrolyte, urgent eye care, urgent gastrointestinal care, urgent genital care, urgent laceration repair, urgent mouth care, urgent musculoskeletal care, urgent nasal care, urgent neurologic care, urgent oncologic / hematologic care, urgent orthopedic care, urgent psychiatric / mental health care, urgent pulmonary care, urgent reproductive tract care, urgent sinus care, urgent skin care, urgent throat care.


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