Orthopedic Trauma Primary Care Guidelines

ortho-trauma-guide copyThis extensive, concise, rapid reference guideline is created for clinicians providing orthopedic care in a primary care setting. This is an excellent portable resource for family physicians, internists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who provide orthopedic care in a full range or urgent care clinic.

This is the 2019, 23rd annual edition, written by the author of the pocket card series that includes his most popular Obstetric Urgency/Emergency Guidelines, which is in its 2019, 28th annual edition.

These guidelines are available:

  • for all digital devices through digital subscription to this website for $2.99 for one year; this version includes ongoing updates as they occur for the entire year from purchase.
  • for all digital devices through the Amazon Kindle Store, by first downloading the Kindle app to your device; for $2.99 you get the latest update, with updates created for Kindle 3 times per year.
  • in print (with a minimum order of 100 copies of any one guideline); therefore, for this guideline the minimum cost for 100 copies would be $299, with the most recent of 3 annual updates printed at the time of order.

As of 2016, the versions sold below are the only updated versions of these guidelines.

Topics covered inĀ Orthopedic Trauma Primary Care Guidelines include: cervical spine injuries, dislocations / subluxations, fracture healing times, lower-extremity fractures, orthopedic injury guidelines, orthopedic trauma, pelvis fractures, physis / growth plate fractures, soft-tissue injuries, steroid injections for orthopedic trauma, thorax and spine fractures, upper-extremity fractures.


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