Brancel medical reference guidelines have been available in print for 25 years, with new print editions historically produced in June of each year for new resident physicians. Because of the trend away from print versions to digital access, new print editions are available only with minimum orders of 100 per guideline but will be printed with the most updated version at the time of the order.

All 2016 editions are now available for all digital devices through digital subscription to this website and through the Amazon Kindle Store. Digital subscriptions through this website are updated on an ongoing basis, whereas the Kindle versions are updated 3 times per year.”

All 7 guides for medical professionals also are available in print, with minimum orders of 100 copies of any one guideline.

The 2016 guidelines for medical professionals include:

One 2016 set of guidelines for non-medical persons also is available:

For more information, please contact the author, Mark Brancel, MD.

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